My viewpoint of learning

I speak of my GMAT preparation especially the verbal section, which includes sentence correction, reading comprehension and critical reasoning. It has been amusing while studying these topics. While I have a fair grip on English language on professional grounds, I never thought of dissecting each and every word to meet the perfection standards. It gets annoying when I end up giving several mock tests to get the right answers, but the beauty of this process, of analyzing each sentence to the correct grammatical standards, makes me more confident to present a situation in an appealing way.

I have my goal to pursue PhD in near future definitely with am aim to bring a change with new methodologies. I think that if I take my GMAT preparation sincerely not only to crack the test but also truly sharpen my written and understanding skills, so that it helps me convey my research topics precisely. I have always believed in expressing our true selves to the fullest and such practice would help me demonstrate my thought process thoroughly in my dissertations and papers. And if I manage to do it the correct way, I will be able to get the right audience for my research work, and the outcome of the entire study programme becomes fruitful and meets the desired goals.

However, with the above example, I’ve come to an understanding that our approach toward learning any subject should be focused toward improving ourselves in a way, so that we could express our innermost desires finely through that channel of the subject. Communication is what holds all of us together, and if delivered avoiding misinterpretations and misunderstanding, it only strengthens the bonds between us. No learning should be tedious. The world is a big one, and each one of us can have our own room to refine our expression of speech through the process. We must welcome everything that is new and that challenges our fears from expressing all that floats in our hearts πŸ™‚


My love for roses and why we need them

my love for rosesI do not remember since when I have been drawing affection for lovely roses. I suppose most of us are enchanted by this beautiful flower. It has symbolized the best of emotions since ages. However we cannot ignore its duality of carrying thorns between its sweet fragrance. And this is where my beloved flower amuses me in the moments where no matter how hard it gets in our lives, we first choose to call upon a rose to caress our hearts. πŸ™‚

I believe a rose is a good reminder of our distinct individuality. We all have our weakness and shadows just like those thorns, but if we realise our true selves and aim to reach for the sunshine, we could gain the same magic to blossom into eternal sweetness.
From a rose, we must learn that we need to focus on glorifying our own souls and be humble enough to accept all that pricks our hearts along the journey of life.
Life won’t be easy but let’s make it worthy to live. Wise men have advised us throughout the history that hard times will be a part of our beautiful journey. The obstacles represent those thorns and the love filled moments mirror the essence of roses.
Whenever we are feeling down we could take a look at the duality of a rose. We could remind ourselves of the above. So in spite of our struggles, let us take a moment from our busy lives to smell a rose along way.

I remind myself of this flower’s simplicity every day and share the same here with everybody else. πŸ™‚

Follow your heart – A humble start

We all are born of emotions but most of us fear to reveal our true selves fearing rejection or disapproval. our feelings are the storehouse of our emotions that come from our hearts. If only we fully manifest them, we come with a power to create extensions of our individual impressions.

I never understand why the business world hesitates to involve emotions into their process. During my professional career I’ve rarely encountered executives considering their customer’s or employees emotions while drafting turnaround strategies. My personal belief is that each one of us come with beautiful composition and that the management should now take the responsibility of people’s emotions to encourage creativity and holistic development of the entire business. I encourage understanding each other first for healthy execution of team work and projects. I encourage people to follow their hearts.

As mentioned in my about page, I speak of myself being overly sensitive, and this I’ve discovered it after a journey of uninvited situations. There is a lot that goes inside me and I need a sincere channel to let it out freely. And so I have found this little corner to express myself in complete honesty. This blog will speak the voice of me that sometimes might shy from sharing its opinion otherwise. It will be a tapestry of personal and professional emotions. As time goes by I will come back to these pages to discover myself, when times get tough and I lose myself in the rat race. πŸ™‚