Follow your heart – A humble start

We all are born of emotions but most of us fear to reveal our true selves fearing rejection or disapproval. our feelings are the storehouse of our emotions that come from our hearts. If only we fully manifest them, we come with a power to create extensions of our individual impressions.

I never understand why the business world hesitates to involve emotions into their process. During my professional career I’ve rarely encountered executives considering their customer’s or employees emotions while drafting turnaround strategies. My personal belief is that each one of us come with beautiful composition and that the management should now take the responsibility of people’s emotions to encourage creativity and holistic development of the entire business. I encourage understanding each other first for healthy execution of team work and projects. I encourage people to follow their hearts.

As mentioned in my about page, I speak of myself being overly sensitive, and this I’ve discovered it after a journey of uninvited situations. There is a lot that goes inside me and I need a sincere channel to let it out freely. And so I have found this little corner to express myself in complete honesty. This blog will speak the voice of me that sometimes might shy from sharing its opinion otherwise. It will be a tapestry of personal and professional emotions. As time goes by I will come back to these pages to discover myself, when times get tough and I lose myself in the rat race. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Follow your heart – A humble start

  1. What a beautiful and heartfelt Opening Post! We all need, crave, thrive with some kind of outlet to let out our innermost expressions. Emotions make us who we are, and you are very right about the business world, and apparently the world in general. All we can do is to love our emotions, and stay true to them, for the sake of our sanity!

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  2. I was very shy years ago…i was afraid maybe of failure, not being accepted, i suffered from dyslexia, among other things. I can relate to what share above. I would not talk in conversation at all, and would not speak much. When my second son Ian was born premature, at 24 weeks he was in the hospital for almost 8 months. I was one of 32 families in the neo-natal unit, our son was doing well and the others were having problems you could see families on the verge of breaking up. I begin speaking more than ever before to help the other families make it through, it carried over into my job where I became a successful branch manager with Norwest corporation which later became Wells Fargo! I learned to be myself and just speak from the heart in a genuine way…my son brought that out of me. We are all blessed with wonderful gifts, I did not begin to share my poetry until Jan 1, 2010…now my daughter says you talk to everyone…I find when we are open to others there are messages we can share spiritually from the heart which can inspire, lift and change the complexion of another’s day. You most assuredly are a gift, treasure and you will be highly successful because of your genuine selfless heart and also…you love to share. Your messages are a true blessing! You made my day my sister! Hugs and blessings!

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    • Apologies for replying late but I was stuck up with some things. I read your story above. We all have our challenges and most the times we perform under peer or family pressures and that’s when we lose focus and confidence. However listening to your heart is the best thing one can do to oneself and I am glad you could achieve this. 🙂 Children help us change and your son surely got this beautiful change 🙂 Just keep following your heart….


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