My love for roses and why we need them

my love for rosesI do not remember since when I have been drawing affection for lovely roses. I suppose most of us are enchanted by this beautiful flower. It has symbolized the best of emotions since ages. However we cannot ignore its duality of carrying thorns between its sweet fragrance. And this is where my beloved flower amuses me in the moments where no matter how hard it gets in our lives, we first choose to call upon a rose to caress our hearts. πŸ™‚

I believe a rose is a good reminder of our distinct individuality. We all have our weakness and shadows just like those thorns, but if we realise our true selves and aim to reach for the sunshine, we could gain the same magic to blossom into eternal sweetness.
From a rose, we must learn that we need to focus on glorifying our own souls and be humble enough to accept all that pricks our hearts along the journey of life.
Life won’t be easy but let’s make it worthy to live. Wise men have advised us throughout the history that hard times will be a part of our beautiful journey. The obstacles represent those thorns and the love filled moments mirror the essence of roses.
Whenever we are feeling down we could take a look at the duality of a rose. We could remind ourselves of the above. So in spite of our struggles, let us take a moment from our busy lives to smell a rose along way.

I remind myself of this flower’s simplicity every day and share the same here with everybody else. πŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “My love for roses and why we need them

  1. What a beautiful message…flowers especially roses have always inspired me, because in each they are individually blessed to be unique, and in their uniqueness I have always embrace the truest of loves…Gods! You have blessed me twice today, may I return the favor one day with what I share. To see and embrace love, once has to first embrace Gods love, and as it blossoms like a flower within we will always share it with others. Have a very amazing day! Ankita!

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    • Thank you Wendell. I am glad my humble words could make a difference somewhere πŸ™‚ I believe Your inspirational posts would do the same to us in return πŸ™‚


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