Why is it so hard every time to Let Go

Why is it so hard to let go

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Two days back I was watching a TV soap that I have been following since a year considering it has a sweet romantic love story in it. The other day they claim to air a special screening for an hour for that episode. 20 mins down the line, I was bored to death as there was no logic in the content and it seemed that the producers just dragged to fill in the hour or rather get the audience hooked to their TV sets.

I was annoyed thinking how could people in this era can take their audience for granted. How can they waste their audience’s time or think that people are less intelligent to even figure out these fillers. I was frustrated at the content writers, producers and the directors and questioning their school of logic.

I wonder how many of us have faced such a similar situation?

Even though the Tv soap has been losing its focus from the main story since past six months, nevertheless I have been still there. And why?

Well I wouldn’t agree that I am a big fan of it for I have missed out many episodes in between due to its insincerity. I am not in love with the story or characters anymore but I carried this HOPE in my heart that things will come back to its place, the story will bloom with emotions again. It will all start making sense. It will be real again and that they will live happily ever after. And because I gave my one year to it and somewhere I am not willing to accept that it didn’t turn out the way I expected. I come back watching the episodes with THIS hope

Our relationship work the same way sometimes, don’t they? We adjust and compromise to make things work. Even though I agree that both are required to sustain a healthy relationship. However one must not take it to an extent where one ends up facing abuse and insults.

Its hard for us to let go, because of THIS hope we carry in our hearts. We aren’t fond of the other person anymore, of their habits or the things they put on us or themselves. However we still hope that they would change. Those emotions will be back. Things will be real again. Our way of loving can’t fail even though none of the ways come in perfection. And somewhere we feel that because we have involved our feelings into the other person for so long and so wholeheartedly we deserve the affection in return. 🙂

But does it happen that way? Everybody will have their own experiences and opinions to this question

With regards to that TV soap, things won’t change unless the team behind it is willing to change, willing to make its audience feel better, unless it realizes that the audience have put their trust in the team and that it is responsible for their emotions.

But until it reaches to that point, I am left with two options. Either I keep betting my heart upon the story or pick up the remote and switch to browse the shows that would enrich my soul.

And if we think again, maybe we all have these two choices even in our relationships. To let go is not easy. Its not some magic but its the way of our lives. The sooner we acknowledge the faster we can act upon it  🙂


And the world keeps spinning around!

Recently I came across to a quote in one of my Google plus feed and was delighted by its positive message but only to be disheartened to find out the message is just too optimistic to be achieved in truth.

The following was the quote

When the mind of each person in this world knows true peace, the world will know peace. When the mind is peaceful it will start to see the true cause of peace, and at the same time the true cause of war.

 With this clarity, we can finally put an end conflict, greed, and anger and usher in an era of peace. Once we know peace for ourselves, it will be reflected in our thoughts, our speech and in our actions. Love and good intention for mankind will arise and we will become the center of peace for people around like the sun shining warm light to big and small stars, both near and far. – 
Luang Phaw Dhammajayo

Although the message is full of truth I feel it is too nice to be realistic. History says that there was never a world with no problems or miseries. Our births have been a shuffle between the best and the worst. Even the ying-yang represents that there’s always good in bad and bad in the good. Even the Cherokee proverb confirms that it’s upto us which wolf we choose to feed. 

It’s depressing to realise that there never will be total eradication of conflict, greed, anger, hurt, darkness but there’s always a hope to reduce this darker side that exists. That’s the reason we are gifted with a brighter moon and stars even in darkest night so that we can survive on patience and faith.

This in return gives us the hope to choose to stand by the good, to encourage others and preserve the same for the future generations. Something which we must indeed pursue consciously. History has also assured that the good always ahead and so we can have enough reasons to live to sustain the same. 🙂

My apologies I didn’t mean to challenge the beauty of the message but the objective is very illusionary. We are tightly interconnected and interdependent with our past karma that there will no complete escape for planet earth (bhuloka) from this cycle (samsara)