Questioning the stars

When you pause in the middle of your road.

When you pause in the middle of your road.

Recently, I am not able to make sense out of anything around me. I am digging deep into the world history, scrolling through pages that speak of a future world only to find clues if somehow I or anyone could find the logic of all the parallel events happening around the world.

They are good, bad, some are heartwarming and most of them heart-wrenching. I find myself sinking into a deep sorrow as I read more, know more the stories of our ancestors. They promised us with an enormous intellect, but they weren’t spared either from suffering. We all get stunned to see the mammoth architecture from the ancient era, the classic lifestyle of many who lived in harmony with arts, music and astronomy. But on the other hand, there were still those floods, famines, age old crude politics and conspiracies. I don’t understand why and how it all started. Where things went wrong? What could have been fixed then? How can we fix things now? Why everything is such an illusion? Sigh.

I’m baffled with this suffering of life (human, animals and birds).How erratic it is to find out how we all (human, animals and birds) are interdependent on each other. Was there even a plan at first place? Sigh.

Maybe I am thinking too much as my friends say and It’s not healthy. But I am not able to just turn a blind eye. It hurts me now. I’m just not able to take a moment of pleasure even when at times I am served with good things before me.  I have cut down all my unnecessary expenses and prefer a simple lifestyle and instead donate more but I feel sad. I’ve become introvert. I still have to read a lot of literature that supports humanity.

Most of the nights, I look above into skies, in solitude and silently fight with those stars that have been shining since eternity and will continue to do so.

They have witnessed the great ancient civilizations and they even know the birth of the future ones. From a confused heart, my broken voice repeats itself that If and if only, these glorious stars could speak to us, guide us, to join the fallen pieces of this great big world!


5 thoughts on “Questioning the stars

  1. You’ve raised good questions, that have been raised many times by many others. My approach is to try to open my mind enough to find the beauty behind the things we may label as inhumanity. Some people experience great hardship in this world, but most of them don’t commit suicide. Apparently they are able to find enough beauty in their existence to continue on.

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  2. Ankita, early in my life when I suffered the loss of many love ones, the only thing that kept me going was the love they showered me with while they were here in the flesh…and still I feel their spirits near. Life does not end when the flesh dies, for the spirit lives on. I lost two young sons, Ian the youngest died on mothers day of his first year. Heart wrenching, but in my relationship with him the time and love shared with him strengthened me to keep moving on. From God I understand that know one knows how much time they have in this world. Remember the Lord, died on a cross at a young age…a selfless act of love. We may always question, but know there is a reason to keep moving forward continue to share your love, your kindness with others…never turn away, always lift them up…forgive all, that your spirits light may shine in this world through your smiling words. You are a genuine gift, all that lives will soon die sooner or later in the flesh, but your spirit will live onward, plant the many seeds alive in your heart and have faith…that there is more to life than what you see! You are a good writer, with an inquisitive mind. Through selfless love you will grow and find more and more precious things which will enrich your life spiritually. Hugs and blessings to you always…keep sharing!

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    • I am sorry for loss. Nobody should outlive their children. The loss is incomparable. Glad you gained strength out of and are being so motivating to the rest of others.
      Thank you for the wise words above. You experience certainly matters and its assuring enough. I began my spiritual journey a decade ago, it is only now that I have been writing down my thoughts and findings in words.
      Warmest Regards and Wishes.


  3. Ankita,, and you do it well! Out of great pain, treasures are made to blossom, and you my sister are one who is very unique, being blessed with a selfless heart. What you share will move many…and know its not the number we see…its the ones God and the angels see…after you words seed in planted within them causing change. And they all rejoice in your genuine act of love. Keep moving forward and write continually for to someone somewhere, some place it will be a blessing!

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