Hi, I am a seeker of Humanitarian living with an academic background in Marketing. I’ve completed my Masters and now look forward to pursue PhD.

This blog is little corner of my heart. Well, actually its a personal diary and I would be sharing all of my emotions that are brooding inside and wanting to flow into river of words. I like the convenience of web where I can fold my notes and come back to them from anywhere in the world.

I truly believe there is lot to learn and lot to thank for until the last moment of our lives. Humility on other hand could be our best guide. I am learning through my imperfections and jotting down my lessons as I walk into life.

This blog is quiet and not known to many and I like to keep it that way but if you happen to drop by I hope my words find you comfort.


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    • Thank you Wendell for your kind words. I believe to live with a wish or a feeling to bless anyone comes with an ego. I would rather be humble and choose to seek blessings so that I can walk the path my soul is destined to peacefully.

      Yes, its true we can heal people with our experiences that we share through our words, music, art etc just like you do with your beautiful poems 🙂 they resonate with the inner light of people and bring joy. Let that grace be.


  1. Hi Ankita!

    Being a sensitive person is different huh? I used to be a bit over sensitive, but less and less these days. I guess self-confidence grows everyday for me.

    Wonderful of you to share your stories!

    And remember, being sensitive has it’s benefits too! Most of the time I notice it when there is tension between people in a room, before others notice. That way you can act on it.

    Keep it up!

    Warm regards,

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    • What you speak of is being an empath, where a person can sense the energies beforehand or absorb the emotions around. Yes, over sensitivity is part of empath. I still don’t know how to put the best use of it besides it serves as the best transmitter for spiritual understanding. 🙂 Maybe everything falls in place with time and as we walk miles ahead with an open heart, the light surely touches our core.

      Glad to know how this has been helping you getting stronger. I am sure Tieme your pictures are the closest extensions of your thoughts and feelings, of your dreams and desires. These images only come alive when one is sensitive enough to embrace their true colors 🙂

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      • Hi Ankita! Thank you for clarifying! I think I need to look into over sensitivity some more.

        Sensing the energy helps me to point out tension when someone doesn’t know they’re tense. Helping them to recognise and then work on it. It gave me a role of being a “trust person” in my job. Where people know they can tell me anything. It makes me feel appreciated and I am always happy if I can be of any help.

        An open heart indeed is important 🙂 and photography helps a lot too!

        Thank you for shining your light on this subject! Hope you have an amazing Sunday!

        Warm regards,

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