Why wrinkled skin matters so much!

Sorry for the title. This isn’t a beauty post but just an observation. ๐Ÿ™‚

I think one of the best things we young people could do is simply spend time with our older relatives. Drop by once in a while, say hello or just listen to their stories. Our grandparents (and the older generation in general) have so much wisdom to share but we are too busy with our mundane lives to receive the knowledge.

I believe our grandparents are the best antidepressants! They stand by our choices. They certainly can help us avoid the same human mistakes or direct us to the remedies that they achieved after a greater sacrifice. They can prove to be kind counsellors. And all they want in return is to listen to their stories. Their experiences are solutions to our problems.

Spending time with the older generation help us face the reality of life. It makes us think, distinguish between distraction and the absolute truth. We realise and register the things that matter in the end and are able to discard the illusions. Nonetheless these old souls teach us gratitude, compassion and patience in the most loving way preparing us to take better decisions ahead ๐Ÿ™‚

Sanskrit even heals!

If there’s one language I would have chosen to learn from heart, then that would be the sacred sanskrit. I have come to believe that the words pronounced in sanskrit essentially create certain vibrations that further exemplifies in energies beneficial to our body, mind and soul. Like for example the Gayatri Mantra!

I am taken a back by the wisdom found in the sanskrit stotrams. Most of them are finest composition of metaphors, that have the potential to resonate with each one of us at different phases of our lives and with different meanings at same time. They are absolutely filled with astute wit.

I have been learning nirvana shatakam and several others. In there, If one observes the magnified impressions upon each given word in the verses, it certainly provokes our consciousness to reflect upon the universal truth.ย  Its a divine poem infused with grace and wisdom.

Nirvana Shatakam

I feel so disappointed sometimes thinking that I could never fully learn the essence of sanskrit language due to lack of time and discipline required. At this moment of life, there are thousand other things knocking at my door, things that are mundane, commercial and promise basic survival.

However, if not learning the language itself, it is still convenient to take one strotra at a time, or per week, study it, reflect upon it and embrace all that it delivers to nourish our souls. The spiritual appetite is never left unattended by the universe. ๐Ÿ™‚

Love to feed

my pasta

My pasta dish

One of my favourites ๐Ÿ™‚ I don’t know but there’s something about pasta that I truly enjoy savouring!! I would prefer every other healthy option as food yet when it comes to a hot spicy bowl of pasta filled with lots of vegetables I am just not able to resist it.

On a second note every time I pick up a morsel there’s an innate feeling of gratitude within. I wonder how often do we take our plate of food for granted while in reality it is only for that plate we all are running in circles and apparently there’s no escape from it until our last breath.

In Sanskrit it’s written as Annam Brahma which means Food is God. Anna that is food embodies nourishment and survival and in little humble corner it only expects our love and respect back.

I feel pleased to cook for others. A sincere wish of mine is to be able to serve free self cooked food to the needy. I know I cannot do it alone to reach out to people, and in reality I would need few more years to mature and become stable. But I hone by this dream of mine every time and I hope it gets fulfilled. ๐Ÿ™‚

The power of “I love you”

Has your prayer become a wishlist?

Mine certainly was! until I realized how ignorantly I have been approaching The Divine Power.

I explored deeper to understand the pattern and found out a very hideous trail that has been programmed inside all of us probably since childhood.

I was trained to pray for wisdom and strength (i.e to achieve good grades) throughout my school life, then eventually to seek good job, further claiming success and recognition. My apologies if it sounds ghastly materialistic.
I have seen others praying miserably to get the best partner, healthy child, lush homes and comfort cars.

I knew in my gut this isn’t the right way of approaching the Supreme Power and gradually I discovered the power of Gratitude. I started counting being thankful to the plate of meal or even an ounce of free water as a humble prayer. However, my wishlist continued to exist.

Running through my twenties I have lot of dreams and desires that I wished, needed, hoped to be fulfilled, and I discussed all of them in my private prayers with God. Its a pity how vehemently sometimes I claimed for the things I felt I deserve against a good conduct and at times how I would like to receive them.

This continued for few years but I loved God and all of his angels anyway. I wouldn’t hesitate to say I believed my relationship with him is that of cousins. I share, I fight and patch up immediately.

But then came a moment, where I realized to my utmost distress that how far I have allowed God to count on me when HE needs me!
I surely wanted to be loved by him but how much sincerely I have loved him back or expressed the same?

Simply following rules and morals isn’t enough. I bitterly observe that we hardly approach God without any agendas.

prayer, wishlist, power of I love you

ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย that’s my handwriting above ๐Ÿ™‚

I was saddened thinking that I have hardly whispered ” I love you” to God, that Supreme power, to the same Universe. ย I contemplated upon this new found feeling over several days and finally decided to make that I say “I love you” accompanied with gratitude whenever I thought of God or every time I felt thankful toward him ๐Ÿ™‚

My heart believes that this power of “I love you” is as significant as the power of Gratitude.

So these days, when I am done watching the stars and I hit the bed with a prayer of gratitude, I also quietly carve “I love you” in my mind and say it back to the Divine. It makes you feel content, humble, mature and responsible (I don’t know of what yet. I am still discovering) but certainly nothing lesser than above

I share this personal experience of healing with a hope if it resonates with anyone. I would be glad if our beloved Universe, the divine power receives more ” I love yous” from all of us ๐Ÿ™‚

Questioning the stars

When you pause in the middle of your road.

When you pause in the middle of your road.

Recently, I am not able to make sense out of anything around me. I am digging deep into the world history, scrolling through pages that speak of a future world only to find clues if somehow I or anyone could find the logic of all the parallel events happening around the world.

They are good, bad, some are heartwarming and most of them heart-wrenching. I find myself sinking into a deep sorrow as I read more, know more the stories of our ancestors. They promised us with an enormous intellect, but they weren’t spared either from suffering. We all get stunned to see the mammoth architecture from the ancient era, the classic lifestyle of many who lived in harmony with arts, music and astronomy. But on the other hand, there were still those floods, famines, age old crude politics and conspiracies. I don’t understand why and how it all started. Where things went wrong? What could have been fixed then? How can we fix things now? Why everything is such an illusion? Sigh.

I’m baffled with this suffering of life (human, animals and birds).How erratic it is to find out how we all (human, animals and birds) are interdependent on each other. Was there even a plan at first place? Sigh.

Maybe I am thinking too much as my friends say andย It’s not healthy. But I am not able to just turn a blind eye. It hurts me now. I’m just not able to take a moment of pleasure even when at times I am served with good things before me.ย  I have cut down all my unnecessary expenses and prefer a simple lifestyle and instead donate more but I feel sad. I’ve become introvert. I still have to read a lot of literature that supports humanity.

Most of the nights, I look above into skies, in solitude and silently fight with those stars that have been shining since eternity and will continue to do so.

They have witnessed the great ancient civilizations and they even know the birth of the future ones. From a confused heart, my broken voice repeats itself that If and if only, these glorious stars could speak to us, guide us, to join the fallen pieces of this great big world!

Justifying the gaps in Resume

explain resume gapNo, there are no real tips here to solve the problem. I wonder if it is such a problem at first place. Well, for the great HR team it always is!

So here I am with a bachelors in business degree and masters in marketing with a scholarship. My discomfort is that I come with many irregular gaps in my CV.

Now when I go for the interviews, it is like going on a battlefield to fight the HR scrutiny and irrelevant questions that has nothing to do with the correlation of my skills to the requirements of the job. I sit there like a puppet trying to justify this genuine gap that they think is the mammoth sin of my life and that I have no right to exist in any company!

One one hand I film situations that would still portray me as responsible person for falling into this gap, on the other hand I believe that my real reasons would prove me not only more responsible but also a conscious citizen of this universe.

I am a woman in my late twenties. Since my masters I have been walking through heavy transitional phases. Common, admit that twenties is a life changing graph for many of us. In this phase we are exposed to life’s ultimate truth. To the curious minds, this phase is an extensive quest for all the events happening around.

To be a better human being is more important to me than becoming the best business professional. It disappoints me that the highly qualified HR groups (at least this is how I would like to believe) simply fail to take note that a person holding credible degrees with scholarship wouldn’t be frivolous In her attitude. Her gaps wouldn’t be simply the reasons of her lack of her sincerity toward her career or life.

While I was living abroad to finish my masters I was exposed to the international events and crises. I was exposed to the deadly quake news, flood news, political downfall, near death experiences of other people, different race, culture and faith. These events tore me apart but also opened my soul toward first learning, accepting and finally embracing the variety of our planet, our world.

I began questioning to an extent that I broke down when I didn’t find answers to the satisfaction of my soul. There were only why and how dilemmas for every wrong thing that happened in the world. I just couldn’t ignore the misery. I felt a strong need to make a difference if not change the world entirely. I wish to light a small corner at least the corner I would be leaving in

I struggled hard with ideas. I brainstormed to find out a way where I could apply the knowledge of my degree to make a difference back to the society. Meanwhile I worked for few companies. however, I didn’t like the idea of being stuck to a cubicle but I had to work to clear my pending student loan to pay off other expenses.

My entire energy went in researching and reading material from books and internet. I read about psychology, philosophy, arts, business, crises etc. As soon as I felt i was little better financially I ended up quitting my jobs. However with my health taking a toll I felt the need again to earn only to pay to the doctors. Thanks to the polluted world we live and the toxins we are exposed to that no one can dare escape from the side effects!

I am nervous thinking how many people are suffering due the gaps in their resume in spite of their reasons being as genuine as they could be. We have been living in a great economic depression since past few years and there is a long time until everything will start falling into place. Sigh

No recruiter has to the time to listen to the above and so most of the people end up making short stores which offer only pieces of humor to the other party. I choose not to present anything that is not truth. I haven’t reached my destination yet. I am still carving my niche, making a place for myself but it certainly wasn’t a candy ride how the recruiters might be thinking otherwise ๐Ÿ™‚ I am content at the things that I have discovered for myself which makes me stand at a better position to take actions and decisions. If I get to be a part of any organization, I know I would be as responsible as I can be boosting its primary goals toward the society with my conscious skills.

I would also like to add that I am aware of the costs that a company has to bear during the selection and replacing an employee process and so any recruiter would think twice before hiring someone who got doesn’t have a consistent employment history. However the red flags would should only be counted if the individual has changed 10-20 companies within a short period of time.

With all due respect, my request to recruiters is that please broaden your own mindset before judging candidates as inefficient simply on their work gaps in the first round itself. Let the selection process be fair. Let it judge on what the candidate can bring on the table for the company. Put him to the test. Ask him to present his ideas that would benefit the company. and then pick one who you think would really make a difference to your company’s profits in a positive way

Not many come with finest demonstration of their Resumes. Some might even fail to beat the aptitude/skills test. But sometimes a philanthropic, conscious and a revolutionary attitude can help the company achieve a great corporate image in the business. Haven’t the great scholars affirmed that it is not the sales that ranks the company to the top but it is a consistent employee retention and customer loyalty makes the company rule over many hearts ๐Ÿ™‚

I strongly believe that being the best person at work is not the ultimate goal of life. To have brighter soul is important than having a higher degree or work experience.

My love for roses and why we need them

my love for rosesI do not remember since when I have been drawing affection for lovely roses. I suppose most of us are enchanted by this beautiful flower. It has symbolized the best of emotions since ages. However we cannot ignore its duality of carrying thorns between its sweet fragrance. And this is where my beloved flower amuses me in the moments where no matter how hard it gets in our lives, we first choose to call upon a rose to caress our hearts. ๐Ÿ™‚

I believe a rose is a good reminder of our distinct individuality. We all have our weakness and shadows just like those thorns, but if we realise our true selves and aim to reach for the sunshine, we could gain the same magic to blossom into eternal sweetness.
From a rose, we must learn that we need to focus on glorifying our own souls and be humble enough to accept all that pricks our hearts along the journey of life.
Life wonโ€™t be easy but letโ€™s make it worthy to live. Wise men have advised us throughout the history that hard times will be a part of our beautiful journey. The obstacles represent those thorns and the love filled moments mirror the essence of roses.
Whenever we are feeling down we could take a look at the duality of a rose. We could remind ourselves of the above. So in spite of our struggles, let us take a moment from our busy lives to smell a rose along way.

I remind myself of this flower’s simplicity every day and share the same here with everybody else. ๐Ÿ™‚

Follow your heart – A humble start

We all are born of emotions but most of us fear to reveal our true selves fearing rejection or disapproval. our feelings are the storehouse of our emotions that come from our hearts. If only we fully manifest them, we come with a power to create extensions of our individual impressions.

I never understand why the business world hesitates to involve emotions into their process. During my professional career I’ve rarely encountered executives considering their customer’s or employees emotions while drafting turnaround strategies. My personal belief is that each one of us come with beautiful composition and that the management should now take the responsibility of people’s emotions to encourage creativity and holistic development of the entire business. I encourage understanding each other first for healthy execution of team work and projects. I encourage people to follow their hearts.

As mentioned in my about page, I speak of myself being overly sensitive, and this I’ve discovered it after a journey of uninvited situations. There is a lot that goes inside me and I need a sincere channel to let it out freely. And so I have found this little corner to express myself in complete honesty. This blog will speak the voice of me that sometimes might shy from sharing its opinion otherwise. It will be a tapestry of personal and professional emotions. As time goes by I will come back to these pages to discover myself, when times get tough and I lose myself in the rat race. ๐Ÿ™‚