Love to feed

my pasta

My pasta dish

One of my favourites 🙂 I don’t know but there’s something about pasta that I truly enjoy savouring!! I would prefer every other healthy option as food yet when it comes to a hot spicy bowl of pasta filled with lots of vegetables I am just not able to resist it.

On a second note every time I pick up a morsel there’s an innate feeling of gratitude within. I wonder how often do we take our plate of food for granted while in reality it is only for that plate we all are running in circles and apparently there’s no escape from it until our last breath.

In Sanskrit it’s written as Annam Brahma which means Food is God. Anna that is food embodies nourishment and survival and in little humble corner it only expects our love and respect back.

I feel pleased to cook for others. A sincere wish of mine is to be able to serve free self cooked food to the needy. I know I cannot do it alone to reach out to people, and in reality I would need few more years to mature and become stable. But I hone by this dream of mine every time and I hope it gets fulfilled. 🙂