Sanskrit even heals!

If there’s one language I would have chosen to learn from heart, then that would be the sacred sanskrit. I have come to believe that the words pronounced in sanskrit essentially create certain vibrations that further exemplifies in energies beneficial to our body, mind and soul. Like for example the Gayatri Mantra!

I am taken a back by the wisdom found in the sanskrit stotrams. Most of them are finest composition of metaphors, that have the potential to resonate with each one of us at different phases of our lives and with different meanings at same time. They are absolutely filled with astute wit.

I have been learning nirvana shatakam and several others. In there, If one observes the magnified impressions upon each given word in the verses, it certainly provokes our consciousness to reflect upon the universal truth.  Its a divine poem infused with grace and wisdom.

Nirvana Shatakam

I feel so disappointed sometimes thinking that I could never fully learn the essence of sanskrit language due to lack of time and discipline required. At this moment of life, there are thousand other things knocking at my door, things that are mundane, commercial and promise basic survival.

However, if not learning the language itself, it is still convenient to take one strotra at a time, or per week, study it, reflect upon it and embrace all that it delivers to nourish our souls. The spiritual appetite is never left unattended by the universe. 🙂