The stars above know it all

sag_milkywayI’m little lunatic when it comes to watching stars 🙂 At the moment there are 5/planets aligning across skies and I’m so excited to have a glimpse of it though I’m not able to spot them correctly among hundreds other shining stars but its a fun exercise to do so. I could also see Orion right outside my window after midnight and I hopelessly await them to present their show.

I have always lived in cities; away from country charm and open skies, yet even in a busy street whenever I spot a full moon or a beautiful constellation I stand aside for few moments and enjoy the wonder. 😀 My star fascination goes back to my childhood when as a young girl I loved spending time in my balcony right before dawn. I find it therapeutic. Even today, given a choice I would always pick star gazing over a kooky night out.

I believe the stars above know our entire story. They know who we are and from where we’ve come from and how far we would go. They have existed in this infinite universe since eons and have known our soul in every incarnation. When I look at them in awe, I find them mysterious, all knowing, and something close to my heart. I feel a part of me is out there watching me back from above.

I have learned that there are birth constellation in Vedic literature. Our own can help us decode our spiritual DNA.  The information associated with each of these constellation is astonishing to know how well it can resonate with our individual personalities.  it’s an enormous tool to understand one’s identity, the reasons for actions and the psyche. This universe is a mammoth in its essence.  It speaks for our constitution. The truth is that we have been beautifully designed like those constellations. Our composition is so perplexed and intense and we all are equally struggling to complete the unfinished lessons from our karmic lives. We need to accept this bigger picture to fuel our compassion and kindness toward each other.

I believe that We all are evolving/ transiting between our own spiritual tapestry. And that there is always a room for learning. It is not so easy. It is not what we see. There is “lot” that goes beneath that is beyond our comprehension in one lifetime. I cradle these thoughts along the distance that float between me those stars. You feel protected if you only listen to their whispers in solitude. They have lot to say if only we are ready to sneak out from our busy lives. They too desire to reach out for us the way we want to dive in their absolute infinity. 🙂